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Art is an individual’s expression, in the medium that one has mastered. Art of Science means that you understand science that well that you can present it in your own way”- Deepak Pathania, presenter D’Art of Science.

We love science and showcase the fun side of it, but then we also back it up with the serious stuff. Our mission is to make you think of the word Fun when you think Science. Our vision is to see a whole new generation who has seen and done science, and not just studied it in school.

Our strengths are innovation, execution and presentation backed up with two decades of multidisciplinary experience. http://www.designintervention.biz/. We developed the science content for the biggest science shows on Indian TV since 2009, from FAQ on POGO (Turner International) to BrainCafe on ZeeQ.

D’Art of Science is already on YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram and the production is on to spread the reach onto mediums like Science Fairs, Experience Zones, Television etc.


Like minded? Let’s talk!

If you enjoy science or have a great business proposition, pl write to us at info@designintervention.biz or if you are interested to work with us info@designintervention.biz


Team at D’Art of Science:

  • Deepak Pathania – Host & Creative Director
  • Amit Pathania – Execution & Technical Director
  • Ravi Popat – Cinematographer and Editor
  • Chirayu Pancholi – Experiment Trials and Design

  • Kaushal Sapre – Science Researcher
  • Ajay Yadav – Modelmaker
  • Hemal Lad – Design
  • Rohit Koul – Design



  1. If you’re under 18, please do not repeat any experiments without an adult’s permission and be sure to have adult supervision if the video says so.
  2. Please DO NOT attempt experiments with the disclaimer “Do not try it at home”. We do these so that you don’t have to, but at least you can watch them and not just read about them.
  3. Science experiments have been around for centuries, and though our endeavor is always to innovate but still a majority of the presentations we do could be already have been done on various other platforms. In case any presentation is similar, it could be a deliberate inspiration or a coincidence, either way any infringement is not intentional. If any item is a copyright issue from your point of view, please let us know by mailing info@designintervention.biz and we will attend to it asap.
  4. How many planets in our solar system? A question that had different “right” answers at different points of time. Similarly, though we strive to be as correct as possible, but we admit mistakes can slip through. If you do find any mistakes or discrepancies, please do point them out by mailing info@designintervention.biz and we will take it up for revision.

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